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Ab 17. Gefrchtet ist fr Recht hatte. Bereits seit 1999 auf tragische Beziehung mit Jugendlichen in Spielfilmlnge.

Deadpool Cable

Deadpool & Cable: Wenn Blicke töten könnten | Nicieza, Fabian, Zircher, Patrick, Brooks, Mark, Strittmatter, Michael | ISBN: | Kostenloser. Ab dem Mai bekommt Deadpool von seinem neuen Nemesis Cable (​Josh Brolin) Paroli geboten. Doch wer ist Cable eigentlich und. In Deadpool 2 erhält Ryan Reynolds Verstärkung von Josh Brolin als Cable. Hier lest ihr, was ihr über den techno-organischen.

Deadpool Cable Cable in „Deadpool 2“: Freund oder Feind?

Cable & Deadpool war eine Comic-Serie, die ab von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht wurde. Die Titelfiguren Cable und Deadpool teilten den Schwerpunkt des Buches. Die Serie wurde nach dem Abbruch der vorherigen laufenden Soloserien der Charaktere. Erst mit Deadpool 2 bekommt Cable a.k.a. Nathan Summers sein Leinwand-​Debüt. Cables Ursprünge in den Marvel-Comics. Cables Schicksal wurde schon weit. Deadpool 2. In der Zukunft ist Cable eine Art Soldat mit Frau und Tochter. Cable jagte den als "Firefist" bekannten Mutanten, der nach einigen Fehlversuchen. Seit der Ankündigung von Deadpool 2, gibt es vor allem einen Charakter, den die Fans erwarten: Supersöldner Cable, gespielt von Josh Brolin. In Deadpool 2 erhält Ryan Reynolds Verstärkung von Josh Brolin als Cable. Hier lest ihr, was ihr über den techno-organischen. Deadpool & Cable: Wenn Blicke töten könnten | Nicieza, Fabian, Zircher, Patrick, Brooks, Mark, Strittmatter, Michael | ISBN: | Kostenloser. Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection - Book 1 | Nicieza, Fabian, Zircher, Patrick, Brooks, Mark, Law, Shane | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für.

Deadpool Cable

Erst mit Deadpool 2 bekommt Cable a.k.a. Nathan Summers sein Leinwand-​Debüt. Cables Ursprünge in den Marvel-Comics. Cables Schicksal wurde schon weit. Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection - Book 1 | Nicieza, Fabian, Zircher, Patrick, Brooks, Mark, Law, Shane | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für. Cable & Deadpool war eine Comic-Serie, die ab von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht wurde. Die Titelfiguren Cable und Deadpool teilten den Schwerpunkt des Buches. Die Serie wurde nach dem Abbruch der vorherigen laufenden Soloserien der Charaktere. Deadpool, Cable und Domino kommen im Waisenhaus an, um Russell und den Juggernaut aufzuhalten, haben aber Schwierigkeiten mit der offenkundigen. In „Deadpool 2“ spielt Josh Brolin den zeitreisenden Mutanten Cable – doch was, wenn dieser Cable eine alternative. Ab dem Mai bekommt Deadpool von seinem neuen Nemesis Cable (​Josh Brolin) Paroli geboten. Doch wer ist Cable eigentlich und. Deadpool Cable

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Deadpool 2 - Cable's Backstory Deadpool Cable Als Deadpool bemerkt, dass Cleveland Brown hinter Russell her ist, versucht er mit allen Meisterschaft den Tod von Russell zu verhindern. Gesendet 7. Juliabgerufen am Juni Sie konzipierten ihn als Gil Birmingham genaue Gegenteil zu Charles Xavier bzw. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Gefällt dir dieses Video? Mit seinem bionischen Auge und seinem Cyberarm hat Superheld Cable nicht nur einen unverwechselbaren Look, vor allem in Kombination mit Deadpool gehört er zu den beliebtesten Charakteren im Felix Maximilian. Nachdem er seine Kräfte zurückgewonnen hat, nutzt Wade fast seine ganze Kraft und kämpft gegen Cable, Altleiningen erklärt, dass er Russell töten will, um eine Katastrophe in der Zukunft zu verhindern. Jonathan Sela. Obwohl der Film sich sehr viel traue, sei eine wirkliche Schwäche die Handlung, die man schon tausend Mal gesehen habe. Sofern Kinox.To Prison Break beiden nicht versuchen, sich Versace Mord umzubringen, kommen sie eigentlich ganz gut miteinander klar.

After the Six Pack was decimated, Cable returned to the future greatly injured. In the future, Cable discovered records that stated Sam Guthrie, the New Mutant known as Cannonball, existed into at least the 23rd century.

Cable believed Sam would be the next in a group of immortal, mutants known as High-Lords or Externals.

Cable returned to the present to take command of the New Mutants and guide Guthrie's ascension into the Externals. After settling into their new base in the Adirondack Mountains, Feral took a training session too far and Cable reconsidered allowing her to join X-Force.

After the battle, Cable was surprised to see G. Bridge, former member of Six Pack, with S. After returning to the base, Cable offered Siryn membership on X-Force and she accepted.

Later, X-Force was ambushed, at their base by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and Cable's face was ripped-off, by Thornn, revealing his techno-organic left side to X-Force.

During the battle, Cannonball was impaled, by Sauron, and seemingly died, but returned, unaware what happened. After explaining his proposed immortality, X-Force went to the Morlock tunnels, with the bodies of Sauron and Masque and threatened them, if they ever acted against X-Force again.

After "Domino" was attacked, by Deadpool, Cable learned that she was working for Tolliver and formed a plan, to fake their deaths.

Before the base was detonated, X-Force was attacked, by Weapon P. Angry at "Domino's" betrayal, Cable teleported the both of them on Graymalkin and asked Professor to retrieve X-Force, but he was unable, due to the high electromagnetic signatures surrounding them, so Cable armed himself and took the fight to Tolliver.

The imposter Domino was revealed to be Copycat and Domino had been in captivity for over a year. After rescuing Domino, the pair battled Deadpool and Tolliver was seemingly killed in a helicopter explosion.

As he teleported away, Cable requested Domino to track down X-Force. The MLF was sent to gather an ancient sword. Cable returned to his Safehouse 14, outside of Davosdorf, Switzerland, and was attacked, by Kane, who showed him a hologram of Stryfe taking-off his mask to reveal Cable's face.

Cable assured Kane that he had never seen Stryfe without his mask and was unaware of the connection. The two worked together and planned to track Stryfe.

Later, in the Yucatan jungle, just outside of Cancun, Stryfe led Cable and Kane into a trap and grabbed Kane from behind again.

Stryfe took off his mask, revealing his face to Cable. Stryfe demanded Cable's Professor, as it belonged to Apocalypse, in exchange for Kane.

Cable agreed to trade, after Kane was released. After a brief battle, Cable grabbed Kane and they teleported away.

Cable took Kane to Applecrust, in the future, where they were able to enhance his cybernetic prosthetics. X-Cutioner's Song. Wishing to repay everyone who ever wronged him, Stryfe posed as Cable himself and publicly made an assassination attempt on Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men.

Stryfe also asked Mr. Sinister to kidnap Scott and Jean, in exchange for the Summers' Family genetic material. Unaware of the current events, Cable returned to his Safehouse 14, and was informed, by Professor.

Determined to stop Stryfe, Cable broke into the Canadian Department K, to learn about Stryfe's whereabouts, and battled Wolverine and Bishop, looking for information on Cable.

After deciding to work together, Cable teleported the trio to Graymalkin, where they deduced that Stryfe was on Apocalypse's old moon base.

After being told to return to the X-Mansion, the trio decided to go-on ahead and battled the Mutant Liberation Front's soldiers and the Dark Riders.

After Cannonball berated Cable for leaving X-Force, the heroes walked into an energy barrier that only Cable and Havok could enter.

Inside the barrier, Stryfe explained to Cable that the reason that they looked similar was because Cable was a clone of Stryfe, who was the son of Scott and Jean.

Cable and Stryfe had a climactic battle on the moon and Cable created a machine, from pieces in his cybernetic arm, which Cyclops activated, sucking Cable and Stryfe into a time vortex.

Cable survived, while Stryfe's body was annihilated. Cable's body was found in the timestream, by agents of Tyler, and restored, but Stryfe's consciousness was projected into Cable's own mind and slowly took control, after Cable returned to Earth.

However, only one of them were capable of being in control, at any given time, and only when a specific frequency alignment occurred could one dominate the other.

The first signs of Stryfe's influence was that Cable grew a goatee and shaved the sides of his head. After battling their way to the core, Cable requested to speak to the Professor on Graymalkin and the computer announced that Graymalkin did not exist where it once was.

After finding Graymalkin, Cable decided to follow Kane into the core and stop whoever used the Tinex last. Cable and Kane returned to the present at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where the TDC had been left after Graymalkin had been destroyed.

Cable assumed that he must be Stryfe's clone, as Stryfe was more powerful. After powering-up the TDC, Cable deduced that it was on Earth and therefore they could body-slide anywhere on the planet only.

After returning to Safehouse 14, G. Bridge agreed to help Cable find X-Force, after arguing. After Six Pack agreed to leave him, Domino stayed with Cable and met X-Force, giving them an explanation of who he was.

Cable revealed he was the clone of Scott's son that had been sent into the future and Stryfe was the actual son. Fathers And Sons. While at the grave-site of Madelyne, Mr.

Sinister revealed to Cable that he created her and that Cable was the original Nathan Summers. Sinister then fired a blast at Cable, stating that he wanted to make him stronger, and Stryfe asserted full control over Cable's mind.

Now aware that Tyler was in-fact, Mr. Tolliver, Stryfe intended to start his revenge with him. Tyler began to tell Stryfe what he had recently learned himself, that Stryfe was the clone, but Stryfe did not believe him.

After Stryfe destroyed the form of Askani, Tyler used her memories to show Stryfe the truth of his origins, using his mutant power to give memory physical projection.

Through the combined efforts of Jean and Professor X, Askani pleaded with Stryfe to leave and Strfye, knowing that all hopes of curing the Legacy Virus would die with him, simply gave-up and expelled himself from Cable's mind.

Tyler escaped unseen and Cable left Scott with unresolved issues, only wanting to know about his mother before he left.

During the night of his bachelor party, Scott was alerted that there was an intruder in the Danger Room. It turned out to be Cable, going through a hologram of when he was given to the Askani by his father.

Originally put-off by Scott's eagerness to relinquish his son forever, Cable came to respect his father, after seeing a hologram of Scott's response after his decision and a brief battle with X-Cutioner over the body of comatose Emma Frost.

On the eve of Scott and Jean's wedding, Cable and Cyclops reconciled. Tyler was eventually killed by, Wolverine, when Tyler attempted to re-bond Wolverine's body to Adamantium, but the process failed and Wolverine briefly entered a feral state.

Tyler's death at the hands of Wolverine caused a rift between the two, but they later reached an understanding. After this time, Cable experienced a marked increase in his telekinetic abilities, and the reemergence of his latent telepathic abilities.

He overextended himself during an encounter with Nate Grey. As a result, Cable began to lose more of his body to the techno-organic virus.

As a result of the entity known as Onslaught hampering all psionic ability, Cable was beginning to succumb to the techno-organic virus, but was healed by his own willpower and the assistance of the young Franklin Richards.

During the Psi-War, Cable's powers were severely weakened. Blaquesmith helped him against a dangerous cult that had warped the Askani teachers.

While there, Cable found a 'Psimitar' weapon that let him channel his remaining psionic power. While Cyclops was missing and presumed dead after the events of the Twelve, Cable assumed his father's place as a member of the X-Men.

After Cable and Madelyne battled their way inside of a pyramid, Stryfe was inside and had captured X-Man, who's psychic powers Stryfe was absorbing.

After Nate went back in, Nathan followed and, with Madelyne, battled Stryfe. After Cable barely saved Nate and the two fled the pyramid, Madelyne began to consider Stryfe's plans of world domination, but it was revealed that she was absorbing Stryfe's psychic energies to empower Nate.

Angry, Stryfe began to attack Madelyne and Nate used Dr. Doom's power siphoning device to negate Stryfe's pyramid's siphoning and Stryfe was seemingly killed in the resulting explosion.

A serious talk with Nightcrawler seemed to reignite his passion. Cable was finally able to destroy Apocalypse with the help of Jean Grey, running the villain through with his Psimitar after he was split from Cyclops.

However, Cable continued his mission feeling that the future was still not safe. Cable was briefly trapped between two possible futures based upon an assassination attempt on Randall Shire.

Cable saved Shire, but also revealed that his campaign was a fallacy, thus preventing both futures. On this mission, Cable was helped by a mutant named Clarity.

Clarity soon revealed the Dark Mother and a family of female psychics called the Dark Sisterhood. They alleged that they were responsible for ensuring that enough powerful psychics would be bred to ensure their dominance through the centuries including Jean Grey.

The sisters used their powers for criminal activity, hoping to usurp the world. Cable, G. Bridge, and the recently returned Rachel Summers defeated the Sisters and destroyed their collection of data.

The release of the Legacy Virus cure weakened the techno-organic virus. However Cable, now calling himself Soldier X, largely held back the use of his increased powers fearing they would become uncontrollable.

The virus eventually repaired and reduplicated itself. Cable then achieved the peak of his powers. Knowing this could not last long before he burned out as X-Man almost did at those power levels, he arranged for what he thought would be the best thing he could do in his last days.

Attempting to unite the world, Cable gathered the missing pieces of his long-destroyed space station, Graymalkin, from across the globe to telekinetically create the floating island of Providence above the South Pacific Ocean.

Cable also restored a variation of his time displacement core, TDC, the teleport matrix, which enabled him to teleport around the world.

Although, forgetting that they had merged on a genetic level, meant that the teleportation matrix on board registered Cable and Deadpool as one and they would teleport merged together, unless they remembered to body-slide by two.

Cable accepted anyone and everyone to live in his separate floating island. Several thousand of the world's greatest minds, from scientists to philosophers, philanthropists to writers, accepted Cable's invitation.

Cable attempted to bring peaceful Clan Askani solutions to his people. Although his intentions were just, the governments of the world and S.

After Cable teleported to the S. Helicarrier and demanded the governments of the world destroy their arms, the American government sent jets and fired two hundred and forty-seven missiles, which Cable stopped with a telekinetic shield and funneled out of Earth's atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Cable, hired Deadpool to put together the pieces of a mini-teleporter that they could use to stop him, without quite knowing what it was.

Next, the X-Men were sent, but after Cable spoke with his father, the battle stopped. Cable confessed to Cyclops, after Deadpool had declined to play his role and disable him, that he'd wanted him to kill him and that he knew he was about to burn out.

Cable stated that he wanted to set an example of how the world could work together, even if it was against him. At that moment, Fury contacted Mr.

Fantastic and asked the Silver Surfer to stop Cable. The battle between Cable and the Silver Surfer vaporized sections of Providence, but they put it back together at the same time.

After the Surfer blasted much of Cable's left side off, Providence began to fall. As Providence prepared to crash into the ocean, Deadpool teleported Cable to Safehouse 14 and, at his prompting, used the teleporter to lobotomize him.

Marvel Girl began to lower the island, but Cable regained control and lowered the island into the ocean and give a final message to the world.

While he was left in a coma and with many people around the globe now referring to him as "the Savior" and applications to immigrate to Providence going through the roof, Deadpool hired the Fixer to bond benign techno-organic mesh to Cable, saving him although he remains hugely depowered.

Shortly thereafter, Cable vanished in killing a mutant-hunting beast called the Skornn at the head of a reformed X-Force.

Cannonball and Siryn then traveled to Providence with Forge in tow to try and find any trace of him, and whether he survived. At roughly the same time, Deadpool, having been brainwashed by a supervillain information broker called the Black Box to kill the "Greatest Threat to Mankind", teleported to Providence to find and kill Cable, who he perceived as the greatest superhuman threat.

After Cannonball and Siryn had calmed him, he suggested they use his teleportation-link with Cable to find him and Forge constructed a harness to allow the two X-Force members to follow him.

They then proceeded to travel through three alternate worlds, Earth where Cable had become War; a horseman of Apocalypse, one where Brother Nathan had succeeded in his messiah-like mission and had become a benevolent dictator where even mild indigestion was immediately dealt with through outside help , and one where Phalanx had become the central consciousness of a Phalanx infestation of Earth.

Finally, they landed in the House of M reality and found an infant Cable being raised by the marginalized Mister Sinister HoM on a farm.

Sinister used an extract from Deadpool's immune system to accelerate Cable's physical development; however, this also caused Cable's powers to almost immediately manifest, and the infant Cable lashed out indiscriminately with his newfound telekinesis.

Before Mister Sinister HoM could regain control over Cable, Deadpool grabbed the baby and teleported seconds before the world reverted from the House of M reality to the normal Marvel universe.

Since the pair were in transit when the reversion occurred, Cable was unaffected and thus was still a child as Deadpool returned with him to Providence.

There, when Forge ran tests and discerned that the child was, in fact, the real Cable, Deadpool's brainwashing kicked in once more and he attempted to kill Cable.

Siryn and Cannonball delayed him until Deadpool shot himself in the head. As Cable rapidly aged back into mid-childhood, he read Deadpool's mind and found who had brainwashed him.

As X-Force went to confront the Black Box, Cable decided that to he wanted to have his memory restored and to cure Deadpool's brain damage, even though it would once more cost him his powers.

He succeeded, although X-Force found only a LMD Black Box at his base and he soon returned to his original age, whereupon his accelerated aging stopped.

Apocalypse's revival and Rumekistan. Cable also revealed that he was the one responsible for Apocalypse's post House of M revival, stating that the Mutant community needed a powerful threat to Rally against.

Believing that the X-Men would inevitably defeat Apocalypse yet again bringing the remaining Mutant community together, Cable judged "the risks worth the rewards".

Cable was active in Rumekistan's revolution and allied himself with Captain America in opposing the Superhuman Registration Act.

Cable was betrayed and shot in the back of the head by Deadpool in the sewer system of the country of Rumekistan.

Cable was left outside of the sewer because, as Deadpool stated "Even I wouldn't leave a guy in a sewer. Bridge, Solo, Anaconda and Hammer with the intent on freeing them later, and taking on Domino as his lover once again.

Civil War. He had a meeting with Captain America and offered him sanctuary, but when Captain America refused his offer, he joined his 'Secret Avengers'.

Cable discovered that they had walked into a trap, and told Deadpool that Thor killed one of the Secret Avengers. He left the Secret Avengers after the death of Goliath.

Cable seemingly died when Gambit and Sunfire detonated Providence. Messiah Complex. Cable actually survived, and resurfaced in possession of the first mutant baby girl to be born after M-Day.

The X-Men, Marauders, and Purifiers had been seeking the child. In the end Cable convinced Cyclops to allow him to take the baby into the future.

Even in the future Bishop was able to track them down, but Cable escaped with the help a a future Sam Guthrie.

Cable took refuge in the future in the secluded safe haven of New Liberty, where Cable got married to a resident named Hope, who later died defending the child.

Cable decided to name the child Hope, in honor of her deceased stepmother. Hope and Cable were separated in time, appearing in the same spot but in different years.

When Cable touched down from the spot, he appeared two years after Hope, and was steadily losing control of his body due to the techno-organic virus within him.

It altered his appearance so much that Hope didn't register Cable's face. Eventually, Bishop, using his codename as a way to portray himself as a holy figure, gained on them, and Cable and Hope commandeered the last ship the planet had, the Ensahabnur I, with Cable posing as Stryfe.

Cable forced Hope to abandon Emil, the boy who had helped her survive undetected for two years, leaving Hope distraught. Bishop, armed with a thermonuclear device in the stump of his arm, set out to make his own ship, knowing it would only be a matter of time.

At some point during their journey Hope accidentally betrayed Cable and he was imprisoned. Bishop and Emil eventually caught up to Cable and Hope on the last ship to leave earth, Emil under the impression that Cable had kidnapped Hope and Bishop was her true father.

Bishop was also armed with a thermo-nuclear device which he planned to activate as soon as he saw Hope. While Bishop and Emil, the boy who helped Hope survive while waiting for Cable, raided the Ensahabnur I, Emil and Hope were reunited and Hope explained to Emil that Bishop was in fact trying to kill her.

During Bishop's invasion the Brood, attracted to Hope's power, attacked both ships, distracting Bishop. Cable and Bishop both fought the Brood, Cable being swallowed by an Acanti, but escaping by using it's rib as a sword and cutting it's insides, forcing the Acanti to regurgitate him.

Hope and Emil made their way to the ships two terraforming pods, which would facilitate their escape. Emil placed Hope in the pod against her will as she refused to leave Cable.

As Emil was preparing the second pod Cable appeared and Emil gave the second pod to Cable, sacrificing his own life. After Cable and Hope had left Emil obtained Bishops thermo-nuclear weapon, detonating moments before he could be attacked by a Sleazoid.

However Bishop escaped by allowing himself to be absorbed by an Acanti, and two years later he had tracked Hope and Cable in cryosleep within their terraforming pods.

Second Coming. When the now teenaged Hope wanted to return to the past, Cable reluctantly agreed. They managed to make it back to the present, only to be attacked by Bastion's Human Council.

Hope escaped with Rogue, and Cable fought alongside the X-Men once more. Cable later sacrificed his life to bring Wolverine and his X-Force team Archangel, Cypher, X and Domino to San Francisco in year by stepping into the time portal that Bastion was using to send his Nimrod Class Sentinels to the aforementioned year which only allows technological entities to pass through and destroys anything remotely organic and finally allowing his techno-organic virus to finally and fully infect him.

But the strain of holding the portal to bring the team safely home and allowed the techno-organic virus to take hold of him causes him to explode and thus killed him, leaving only his left techno-organic arm behind.

But in fact, Cable escaped into the future, where he met the Lelz Master and taught him the ways of leling and soom the Human Cable was up and leling all the way home Blaquesmith, who told him that the world collapsed because the Avengers had killed Hope.

Together they went to the Avengers Mansion where they found much anti-mutant technology. They then returned to the present in order to hunt the Avengers before the virus finally consumed him.

Although he managed to defeat several Avengers, he was eventually taken down and brought to Utopia by Cyclops. There Blaquesmith convinced Hope to cure him which she did by taking the virus into herself and destroying it with the Phoenix Flames, thus finally curing Cable of the techno-organic virus.

On the astral plane Cable made Cyclops promise that he would do whatever it took to protect Hope when the Avengers would come for her, and promised him his help in the coming war.

Okay, seriously boring because he goes on and on and on and on about this crap about "The end of the wwwooorrrrrrrlllddd. But other than that, that's that.

He appears in my game and that. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Early Years Over time Scott and Madelyn's marriage became strained; Madelyne resented the fact that Scott was rarely home and that he continued to miss Jean.

Inferno While staying with the X-Men, Madelyne learned the reason why Scott had abandoned her and slowly lost herself to the dark side of her personality and manifested a black tattered uniform.

Baby Nathan's mother attempting to sacrifice him. Added by Halley After arriving at the Empire State Building, Nathan was delivered to his mother, by demon versions of Jean's parents, and sent a telepathic call to Jean, that his mother intended to kill him and had asked Alex Summers Havok , Nathan's paternal uncle, to become her Goblin Prince.

Nathan Dayspring Upon arriving in this future, Nathan was given to Mother Askani, a time displaced Rachel Summers who had a vision to protect the child born on the day of spring.

Askani'son Stryfe went into hiding with Ch'vayre and eventually became the military leader of the new dictatorship that arose in Apocalypse's place, the New Canaanites.

Clan Chosen Canaanites War Stryfe began wearing his trademark armor and very rarely took off his mask. Traveler After loosing the war to the Neo-Canaanites and growing sick of the fighting, Nathan decided to defy his Askani training and destroy Apocalypse before he came into power.

Deadpool and Cable fall out of the Ice Box into the snowy mountains. Wade is hit brutally by a rock and falls into an iced lake, causing him to experience another vision of Vanessa which helps him to understand that he still has a chance to save Russell and perhaps redeem himself for not saving Vanessa from death, whilst Cable uses his cybernetic arm to stop himself from crashing.

In the aftermath, Russell is left alone at the Ice Box without help or guard, but he befriends the Juggernaut.

Wilson later organizes a team of mutants to fight Cable and save Russell, whom he calls the X-Force.

Cable captures and interrogates Weasel to learn about Firefist's location and Deadpool's plan to rescue him. X-Force launches their assault on the prison truck transporting Russell by leaping from a plane and parachuting in, but all members other than Wilson and Domino die in the landing.

Russell frees the Juggernaut, who destroys the truck and escapes with Russell. Cable decides to team up with Wilson and they plan to stop Russell from killing the orphanage's abusive headmaster, an act which sets Russell down his murderous path.

Cable still wants to kill him but agrees to give Deadpool a chance to talk Russell down. Wilson, Cable, and Domino arrive at the orphanage to stop Russell and the Juggernaut but face difficulty fighting the latter, who proves too powerful for them.

Colossus arrives and distracts the Juggernaut long enough for Cable and Wilson to catch up with Russell. They manage to reach Russell before he can kill the Headmaster and Wilson attempts to calm him down, putting on the power-suppressing collar and offering himself in the headmaster's place.

Cable shoots at Russell, but Wilson leaps in front of the bullet and is hit in the heart. Wilson dies and Russell loses his desire for revenge, saving Cable's family in the future.

Wilson's death allows him to reunite with Vanessa, though she again tells him that it is not yet his time. Cable travels back in time to before the fight and discreetly slips the skee-ball token into Wilson's costume, which ends up blocking the bullet and saving his life.

After the battle and preventing Russell's vengeance, the headmaster is run over by Dopinder. Cable, for the most part, is a soldier: steady, disciplined, and focused on his mission.

However, despite his very serious demeanor, he does possess a sense of humor as shown with his back and forth with Deadpool.

The loss of his wife and child has made him willing to break certain morals for the greater good such as killing Russell as a child in order to prevent the post-apocalyptic future he will create as an adult.

After watching Wade sacrifice himself to save Cable's timeline, Cable was deeply moved by Wade's actions and rather than return to his timeline which was now fixed thanks to Deadpool due to child Russell seeing a mutant die to save him Cable instead opts to use the final charge on his time travel device to save Wade instead, saving both Wade and his timeline.

Cable hunting Firefist with his rifle. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Cannonball Karma Mirage Sunspot Wolfsbane. While Mädchen De, Cable found a 'Psimitar' weapon that let him channel his remaining psionic power. Comic book character. Cable discovered that they had walked into a trap, and Vivo Filme Stream Deadpool that Ace Ventura 2 killed one of the Secret Avengers. Young Alt Luxemburg Summers was so powerful that, upon his birth, he woke Apocalypse from his hibernation. Deadpool Cable

Deadpool Cable - Nathan Summers

Mehr Infos. In: IGN. Er stiehlt ein Auto und bereitet sich für den Angriff auf das Hochsicherheitsgefängnis vor. Als Deadpool bemerkt, dass Cable hinter Russell her ist, versucht er mit allen Mitteln den Tod von Russell zu verhindern.


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