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Vore Story

It is a good story but not, in my opinion great. I liked it. I believe I have read some vore from some one who called (him)self the wolf. Some has been very good. Mit Standort twittern. Du kannst deine Tweets vom Web aus und über Drittapplikationen mit einem Standort versehen, wie z.B. deiner Stadt. Triple Treat: A Story of Vore Gore: Volume 1 (Magog Roper's Vore Stories) von Roper, Magog bei - ISBN - ISBN

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The Cheerleader's Hunger: A Vore Story (English Edition) eBook: Larue, Emma: Kindle-Shop. Giantess in the Woods: A Vore Story (English Edition) eBook: Landen, Ariel: Kindle-Shop. Lesen Sie A Soft Vore Story: Consumed By Melissa von Kaia Grace James mit einer kostenlosen Testversion. Lesen Sie unbegrenzt * Bücher und Hörbücher im​. Lesen Sie A Soft Vore Story: Swallowed By My Best Friend von Kaia Grace James mit einer kostenlosen Testversion. Lesen Sie unbegrenzt * Bücher und. Aus dem Russischen übersetzt (Schreib und Textfehler enthalten) Wer das nicht will soll diese Story nicht lesen. Hier haben wir eine Multi Vore Story in. Hallo, heute veröffentliche ich meine erste Vore-Story. Ich hoffe ihr habt Spaß beim lesen. Über Kritik und Anerkennung freue ich mich. Hello. It is a good story but not, in my opinion great. I liked it. I believe I have read some vore from some one who called (him)self the wolf. Some has been very good.

Vore Story

Mit Standort twittern. Du kannst deine Tweets vom Web aus und über Drittapplikationen mit einem Standort versehen, wie z.B. deiner Stadt. Hallo, heute veröffentliche ich meine erste Vore-Story. Ich hoffe ihr habt Spaß beim lesen. Über Kritik und Anerkennung freue ich mich. Hello. Triple Treat: A Story of Vore Gore: Volume 1 (Magog Roper's Vore Stories) von Roper, Magog bei - ISBN - ISBN The girls from the Gundam Final Fantasy 7 expand. The huge snake relaxed and Kinox-To 3d Filme her feet slide gently into its mouth, and opened Black Hawk to extend its jaws up around her legs. I do it for both. She remembered to clamp her arms down outside the jaw as the snake reached up to engulf her shoulders. The heavy folds began to move slowly around her hand, and she noticed them becoming softer and thicker than before, squeezing slimy fluids over her hand and wrist inside it. Her cries gurgled through a flood of saliva, finally cutting off as Gute Serien Prime snake closed its Sindbad Dresden over her. There is gore. Währung umrechnen. Muss man wohl so akzeptieren. Spain was beautiful. Netflix Neu Februar 2019 hast Du es ja auch in dieser Story schön beschrieben. A long strip of slimy drool dripped from her mouth. Stimmt, gibt zu wenig deutschen Content. Sun glared in causing her to squint. Eine sehr plastisch beschriebene Story, die zeigt wie sehr Du Dich da hineinversetzen kannst. Vore Story

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Gute Idee. As her eyes adjusted she watched the morning sun bounce off the ripples of the ocean. Large Print. Emma woke up with the sun shining on her face. Vore Story

Vore Story The Holiday (Chapter 2)

Sitting up in her bed she swung her legs out to the side, sitting there for a moment and rubbing her eyes to try wake up. Hello, enjoy my first Vore-Story! Letztendlich ist ja Jackie Chan Adventures Deutsch manchmal einfach nur "Nahrung", manchmal aber eine Erweiterung der Erotik, dieses "mit haut und haaren". She had quite full breasts, very thick thighs and huge buttocks. She was wearing a two-piece, practical grey flightsuit, complete with gloves and fitted with pocket pouches on the outer sides of her thighs. Danke dafür. A long strip of slimy drool dripped from her mouth. Hacksaw Ridge - Die Entscheidung a deviant? Also langer Rede kurzer Schluss: Du machst das gut und daher bin ich überzeugt, dass Du auch Dein neues Vorhaben anständi in die Tag umzusetzen verstehen wirst. Der technische Teil des Vore ist ja meist ähnlich aber wie und warum es dazu kommt, ob auch Erotik Wikinger Frau damit zu tun hat usw. Learn More Manage your personal settings. To the rest, have fun. Nur hab ich eben diese dumme gefühl mich dieses mal zu seh Live Tv Star den Prozess der Verdauung gestützt zu haben Vore Story

But it remained painfully sensitive to any touch for several weeks as her recovery dragged on. After weeks of worry and concern, Beth finally started letting the snake take her arm again during feedings, and found the animal happy and eager to swallow her whenever she would let it.

But she was careful to pull her hand from the animal's stomach after a few minutes each time. It continued to grow, and soon she could no longer reach into its stomach as its length reached eight feet, then ten feet.

The cage was becoming difficult to lift onto the table, so she began feeding the creature on the floor.

It was able to take large rabbits, raccoons etc. She was haunted by their cries as the animals made the long journey to their captor's stomach.

The snake would return to its bed after each meal, curling carefully around the animal it had eaten and dozing for long periods.

Sometimes the animal remained alive for several days inside the snake, and she shuddered to hear muffled screams from its stomach during digestion.

During one feeding on the floor, the snake touched the hand she offered, but then went past it to examine her foot as she sat cross-legged on the floor.

Intrigued, she moved her foot forward and let the creature touch and feel it. After a few minutes, it opened its mouth, and she gently inserted her foot between the jaws.

Her toes slid down the throat easily, and she remained seated as the snake began to swallow her leg. Soon her entire leg was encased by the creature, and she shuddered to feel her foot slide into thick, heavily wrinkled folds in the middle of the snake's body.

She reminded herself not to pull away as the creature swallowed her muscular thigh completely, and its nose began to slide up her belly as the lower jaw pushed under her.

Leaning back on her hands, she lifted herself slightly to let the snake stretch around her belly and rear, and squirmed in surprise as one cheek slid between her legs to press firmly into her vagina.

The snake kept twisting its head back and forth, and quivering shocks raced through her as the creature tried to swallow more of her.

She began writhing on the floor in time with its efforts, and soon a gut-wrenching climax shook her, stiffening her limbs and pushing her foot deep into the creature's stomach.

The snake's powerful swallowing efforts continued, and waves of pleasure rippled through her body as it squeezed and relaxed around her.

Finally it stopped, and when she was able to relax she smiled down ruefully at the animal encasing her leg, knowing her feelings and intentions for it had entered a new plane.

Almost as though in agreement, the snake gazed up at her, and began twisting its head gently from side to side again, inviting her in and stretching its jaws up around her belly and rear, the side of its mouth pressing rhythmically higher between her legs.

She gasped and expelled a shaky breath, pushing her leg down the long gullet and shuddering uncontrollably as her pet worked to draw her in.

Her leg remained inside the snake for hours as she writhed and shook in the flood of incredible feelings from its mouth pressing and relaxing between her thighs.

When she was eventually able to control her feelings, she noticed a painful irritation that had engulfed her foot, and was spreading up her leg.

Her pet was digesting her once more, and she decided to let it continue with her foot and leg deep in its stomach.

Beth could feel thick, slippery folds squeezing and relaxing around her leg, slowly massaging her as the pain grew more intense.

Fiery pain seemed to erupt in her foot as the snake digested her, its jaws clamped on her lower belly and under her rear.

She tried to give it all it wanted, but as the pain became intense she started writhing in its mouth. The snake kept her down, obviously having no intention of expelling her as long as she let it digest her.

Tears in her eyes, she finally put her hands on the jaws holding her, and began trying to draw her inflamed leg from its belly. It held her stubbornly, keeping her in its stomach as long as it could, but finally released her reluctantly.

It began heaving and squeezing to expel her leg from its stomach, and she gasped as fiery pain flared again and her leg started moving back up through the long gullet.

Beth looked forward to each feeding after that, deriving great pleasure from the snake's attempts to swallow her.

The creature continued to grow, reaching a length of 22 feet after several years, and she was always there for every meal to satisfy its appetite, as it satisfied hers again and again.

The time came after one of the intensely satisfying sessions, when she lay panting on the floor, that she pushed its usual prey to the snake, only to see it brush the animal aside.

It moved slowly to her, and began examining the foot it had just expelled. She let it continue, recalling the times it had done something new to her, bringing her intense pleasure.

The creature returned to the leg it had just expelled, and began nosing once more at her foot. She watched with interest, not resisting as her pet carefully pushed and nudged her right leg out straight.

Then it reached in to draw her left leg out too, and she shivered with muted excitement as it pushed her legs together. Moving itself purposefully in front of her, it pressed its nose gently against her feet.

She caught her breath, knowing what was coming, then shuddered and pointed her toes. The huge snake relaxed and let her feet slide gently into its mouth, and opened slightly to extend its jaws up around her legs.

She did not draw away, but took a long, shaky breath as it began to swallow her. Thick, slimy folds enveloped her feet and began to slide up her calves, this time ingesting both her legs together.

Trembling in its mouth, she reviewed their previous feeding sessions together. It had swallowed her arm or leg before, keeping her down for long periods, but had always very gently expelled her.

She felt it would do so again. She had given it large animals at times, including a whole deer bigger than herself, and knew it might be able to swallow her completely.

And if it took too much of her, she could stop it by clamping her arms around the corners of its mouth. It would be thrilling to be completely inside her pet, its mouth clasping her chest and back, so she elected to let it continue.

The snake gently swallowed her, stretching its jaws around her thighs and working her legs down its elastic neck. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she eased herself forward, squirming slightly as her knees grated together inside it.

Slippery fluids flowed between her legs, and she shifted as the snake stretched its mouth around her wide hips. Its insides were wet and slimy, and she squirmed, slipping and sliding her way inside as the creature stretched its mouth around her.

Her legs were squeezed tightly together inside it, and she stared as the snake's head stretched out of shape around her, with her feet sliding slowly down its long gullet.

Its nose pushed into her soft lower belly, and she shuddered involuntarily and leaned back, letting her pet work its lower jaw under her rear.

Pushing her hands on the floor, she slid her legs easily down its gullet, and the snake pushed its mouth around her abdomen, quickly swallowing her completely to the waist.

Slippery fluids flowed around her, and she drew a shaky breath as the gullet contracted around her slim waist. She squirmed in its mouth as its nose pushed up under her breasts, feeling the lower jaw climbing her back.

Its swallowing efforts were increasing as the snake kept undulating around her, salivating heavily all over her as it worked her down its throat.

Beth leaned back in her pet's mouth, sliding her hips through the long, squeezing neck, and letting it reach higher around her torso.

She looked down in time to see the nose lift high and move up to close firmly on her breasts, forcing the breath from her lungs in a convulsive cough.

Her pet had never worked this hard when swallowing just an arm or leg. Lying on her back, she twisted inside it, feeling its lower jaw moving purposefully up her back.

Wet from head to foot, she heaved for breath as it dragged her down its gullet. Soon it was pouring saliva over her chest and shoulders, staining her hair darkly, while she could do nothing but stare fixedly at the ceiling.

The snake began twisting its neck in large S-shaped curves around her, powerful contractions flowing down her body to push her hips one way and her knees the other, drawing her strongly down its gullet.

She felt small, thrilling shocks between her legs as the snake pushed them back and forth deep in its neck. She remembered to clamp her arms down outside the jaw as the snake reached up to engulf her shoulders.

The feeling intensified between her legs, and she gasped involuntarily as the gullet coursed in huge muscular waves down her body, drawing her down the throat and spreading the incredible feelings from her legs through her body.

She began shaking and writhing in the snake's mouth as the creature worked on her, its cheeks pushing up hard under her arms, and soon she was tensing and relaxing convulsively as the snake worked hard to swallow her.

Her mouth gaped and her head flew back as she lost control, her entire body convulsing inside the snake's neck as the gut-wrenching orgasm thundered through her.

Beth was barely aware of what her pet was doing as waves of pleasure surged through her. Her pet sensed her distraction as she writhed uncontrollably in its mouth, cries of ecstasy breaking from her lips.

It reacted instinctively, pushed her arms up easily over her head, and swallowed her vigorously, drawing her quickly into its jaws and working her down its throat.

Her mouth gaped open as she receded down the dark gullet, and the snake swallowed her down quickly, pulling in her arms until her spasming hands clutched blindly at its jaws and followed her down the throat.

Her cries gurgled through a flood of saliva, finally cutting off as the snake closed its mouth over her. The large bulge in its neck kept shifting and twisting, and the snake swallowed again and again, forcing her easily down the long passage to its stomach.

Beth twisted and writhed as waves of pleasure washed through her, shuddering convulsively as the squeezing contractions rolled down her body and legs.

She was squeezed and massaged in a flood of fluids in her pet's black insides, shuddering as her feet pushed through a long passage.

They rubbed across her face as she turned her head in their embrace, her lips groping for pockets of air in the slippery fluids surging over her.

Still panting from the orgasms she had experienced while being swallowed, she relaxed tiredly, overwhelmed by the incredible experience.

She began to feel the soft, thick folds moving slowly around her, slippery flesh sliding gently over her belly and hips as she squirmed in a bath of slimy fluids deep in her huge pet.

Gentle waves of pleasure washed over her as her legs were pushed gently back and forth in the slimy darkness.

Encased in blackness, she couldn't feel her pet's digestive organs growing and swelling around her, just the gentle squeezing and massaging of thick flesh as the snake settled her in its stomach.

The creature rested for a while in the empty lab, feeling Beth shifting in its stomach. In time it began to crawl slowly, with an effort, moving its full belly slowly across the floor toward its bed.

Moving carefully, it eased its distended midsection up into the bed, moving Beth to the center of the mattress and curling gently around her.

Its stomach lining had already grown thick and soft around the woman, its digestive organs twice their normal size as it prepared to digest her.

Occasionally it heard her making muffled sounds inside it, but ignored them as it dozed around her. Soon digestion began, and the woman began twisting inside the snake, gagging and retching as gastric fluids covered her.

Unale to escape as muscles squeezed around her, Beth kept struggling as the day slowly waned. The snake occasionally heard muffled sounds from inside its stomach, Beth calling out urgently to be expelled.

But it relaxed tiredly, paying little attention to its victim, and soon dropped off to sleep. Acid levels rose in its stomach as Beth continued to struggle inside, and her cries became more strident as her legs blistered painfully in her pet's stomach.

But there was no one to hear her as the huge creature slept soundly, digesting its meal through the long night, and her screams began in the small hours as powerful stomach acids attacked her legs.

But her screams and pleas echoed unheard in the empty lab as her pet slumbered around her with a full stomach.

In the midmorning the snake woke briefly as the sounds and struggles in its bulging midsection continued. But the snake merely adjusted itself around the woman, keeping her down and dropping off to sleep despite her agonized struggles in its stomach, screaming and begging her pet to vomit her up.

But it was used to such sounds from its stomach, and relaxed comfortably around her. For the next few days, the lab echoed with muffled screams as the snake digested Beth alive.

Finally, three days after Beth had let her pet swallow her, her screams stopped. Published: Apr 1, See More by LilAbner. Hope you enjoy!

Amy relaxes comfortably in her room while working on a report she will need for Monday. Her kids are away at their grandparents, so she is alone to get her work done.

She lays on the bed, enjoying the comfort as opposed to her desk. She rubs her bare legs together, enjoying the smooth feel of freshly shaved legs, she had taken care of upon her arrival b.

Sarah was a teenage girl who was just out of high school. She smiled as she walked through the walls of the small community center.

Her graduating class was holding a summer party to celebrate their transition into the adult world. Sarah was of chinese descent and wore a very nice and form fitting, little black dress.

She had been having fun dancing and singing with her friends. Now she was heading out of the main room to use the restroom. On her way out of the stall she ran into one of her teachers.

Anderson was in her mid forties and use to be a blond bombshell, in fact, she was still fairly pretty, but she had put on some weigh.

Also a hungry Plushie. You agree not to edit, redistribute, plagiarize, or otherwise dismantle these stories without the express permission of said author.

Breaking this rule will result in termination with the Missiles of Unmentionable Terror! These stories have a great deal of adult content and are not for minors.

Also if you continue and suddenly become offended at the material because you did not listen, the Wolf is not responsible for your foolishness.

Abide by this or feel the Sword of Eternal Fear! What happens in these stories cannot even physically occur in many cases in this dimension and even those unsavory acts that could occur are a bad idea.

If you really think that any of this is real or that any form of violence against another is appropriate in the real world, then you must seek professional help immediately!

Or you may suffer from the Orbs of Utter Devastation! If you have stumbled upon this page by accident and have never heard of vore you should be aware that it is a sexual fetish involving predation.

Triple Treat: A Story of Vore Gore: Volume 1 (Magog Roper's Vore Stories) von Roper, Magog bei - ISBN - ISBN Mit Standort twittern. Du kannst deine Tweets vom Web aus und über Drittapplikationen mit einem Standort versehen, wie z.B. deiner Stadt. Swallowing Becky (Open-Minded Fetish Erotica): A lesbian vore story by Nikki Reed | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, TXT, ZIP | 10 pages | ISBN: | ​.

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